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Be a Winner With Arai Racing Helmets

Motorcycle racing is a thrilling experience. Zooming on some fancy wheels and pulling stunts, taking a risk at every bend, it is enough to give one an adrenaline rush. Those who love this dangerous sport may appear to be made of steel but they step into it with the right precautions. Every serious motorcycle rider knows how risky it might be if they had an accident. Besides the bike, the safety accessory of utmost importance is the rider’s helmet.

Racing helmets are very different from helmets worn by city riders. They need to be much stronger and thicker, protecting the face and head of the rider at all times, in case of a crash. Every motorcycle race enthusiast needs to choose the best of equipment to keep him safe, so there’s no chance he would settle for a substandard helmet. This is why most racers go for the best – Arai racing helmets.

Arai helmets are dominant in both motorcycle and auto racing arenas. This small Japanese owned company has made it big among racing grids across the world. Arai is the world’s only major helmet manufacturer that has the capability and advanced technology, not only to compete in the worlds of both motorcycle and auto racing, but also to win. Arai motorcycle helmets aren’t just the preferred brand for these races; they dominate them with their extraordinary strength.

What sets Arai helmets apart is their undying spirit towards providing exceptional quality that is handmade, great after sale services and a five year warranty. Arai understands that the perfect fitting helmet is the safest as it can be used for longer periods, keeping the rider focused and alert at all times. Arai racing helmets are designed for different head shapes and produce outer shells in as many as five sizes.

One example of a great Arai motorcycle helmet is the RX-7 GP model that is designed using valuable inputs of MotoGP race winners. They have incorporated the revolutionary ‘air wing’ spoiler at the back of the helmet so the rider is comfortable in as many as five different positions. This helps cut down on turbulence, buffeting and drags, even with sudden braking. It can be adjusted using large buttons, even with gloves on. It also features a wider visor for better peripheral and angular vision.

The Things You Should Know About LED Flood Light

In the last year or so the popularity of flood lights that are fitted with LED bulbs has been steadily increasing. As well as being considerably more durable than conventional lights they are much more cost efficient. As a result getting these items has become a great deal easier as more LED flood manufacturers produce them. In fact these companies are constantly spending time and money on these items so new designs are regularly appearing on the market.

However with so many different types of LED lights now available selling the right ones can prove somewhat of a challenge. So in order to help you make a more informed decision when purchasing such items we take a look at some of the things you should know about them.

Fact 1:

These types of lights are off focused, which means that the light emitted by them is beamed in a directional and focused area. These are considered far better for you to use in place of spot or outdoor security lights as they don’t required extended periods of illuminessence. Not only does this mean that they cost far less to run but also you won’t need to spend time and effort having to replace them as often.

Fact 2:

You will discover that many LED flood light manufacturers are making there in a number of different shades and colors of light. Although generally these lights give of a blue tint there are now ones that give of daylight white sort of color whilst others give off a warm white or incandescent flood.

Fact 3:

When it comes to LED lights you will find that these don’t actually radiate as much heat. As a result of this the lights are able to use far less energy and this makes them much more energy efficient. In fact compared to conventional flood lights you will find that these ones are 40% more efficient.

Fact 4:

Although these lights provide theirs in one direction you will find that they are still capable of actually providing large amounts of good light to large areas. Certainly installation of any of them creating by the many LED flood light manufacturers can help to create the kind of lighting situation that you would normally have on a good morning. As you will see when you now watch the night races that are taking place in Formula 1 and MotoGP the use of LED lights has helped to make these races truly spectacular today.

For anyone who wants to create a wonderful environment in their garden today then the use of LED flood lights should be seriously considered. As well as helping to create a much more friendly and warming atmosphere the use of such lights can help to reduce how much you spend on your electricity each month. It is best however that you learn more about the various different LED light manufacturers before you make your purchases. Again the internet can help you with this.

Best Places to Stay When Visiting the Silverstone Track

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As home to one of the largest race tracks in the world, choosing accommodation can often be reasonably challenging. Some of the events which take place at the Northamptonshire venue include the Formula 1 and MotoGP – which can see well over 100,000 people flock to Silverstone and the surrounding towns which puts a lot of stress on the accommodation.

Inside the village itself you’ve only got a limited number of options, which include camping at the track as well as some smaller guest houses. The guest houses are frequently booked up for race meetings, so you will often struggle to find a free room – when the larger events are taking place the rooms are booked up to one year in advance.

Outside of the village and venue, you’ll need to go a little further afield to find hotels, with Brackley and Northampton being some of the closer locations. If you’re looking for hotels in Silverstone for your team and require 2+rooms, your best idea is to look at Northampton hotels (15 Miles) or Brackley (8 Miles).

Silverstone is an incredibly large venue and one of the largest permanent sporting venues in the United Kingdom. You’ll need to plan your trip in advance, and if your looking for hotels in Silverstone, the best place to look is the hotels in Silverstone website.

If you’re not looking to stay in one of the hotels or bed and breakfasts in the near by area, your next option is camping. Most of the events at Silverstone take place during the summer months, so it’s very common to see the camp sites full at the big events. For events such as the Formula 1 and MotoGP, all of the camp sites near the circuit are full. The official camp site is usually your best bet as it’s directly on the way out of the track, but you’ve got a load of other options if that one is full. Most of the campsites have grass based parking which is ideal for tents. If you’ve got a Motorhome or Caravan it’s closer to wild camping than it is a campsite!

When the weather does turn, it can be tricky to get in and out of the campsites. At several of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix races over the years, the car parks have been soaked through and it’s meant that getting out of the track has become incredibly challenging. They have now put protocols in place that shouldn’t mean the conditions ever reach that sort of level again, but with the charming English weather, you never know what is around the corner for the next event.

Ducati Prior to the Czech Moto GP

The Brno motorcycle circuit is one of the gems of motorcycle circuit racing worldwide. It runs among the hills which border the second city of the Czech Republic. Earlier, the Grand Prix was held on the precarious and out-dated circuit whose replacement the Brno circuit really is. The previous track was a favourite among the riders and that the Brno track retains some of the characteristics from it makes it popular with the riders still. Speedy direction changes, elevation changes and chicanes feature in its fast paced and diverse design, with the track breadth as much as 15 metres in some parts.

Things required for this track are a good rider, a durable and good tyre and an impeccable set-up of the bike being ridden. These are in account of the many downhill areas that require braking. The excess width of the tracks affords a racing line that is precise. The engine performance must also be up to date given the stretches of straights.

The second half of MotoGP World Championship situated on these tracks follows the passing summer break. The Ducati Marlboro Team shall be the event this week.

Casey Stoner has picked up some satisfactorily positive points in the way of his form run, post taking podium finishes in his previous four races. Meanwhile, Nicky Hayden would also be looking to attaining his full form by extracting as much as he from the Desmosedici at the Brno circuit, which has always been best suited for this specific purpose.

The Team Ducati Marlboro has attained successes on this track on a couple of previous occasions, other than 2 pole positions and 2 podium wins. The team also intends to stay post the last race test-session this year.

MotoGP Build Up to Sachsenring

The weekend is nearly upon us and as such it is nearly the time for the MotoGP calendar to get underway at Sachsenring. The riders will be looking to get the set ups right for the weekend as the weather is to be nice up until Sunday.

There will be no doubt that Jorge Lorenzo will want to get off to the best possible start at the Sachsenring following his race win at Mugello a fortnight ago after taking over Dovizioso and Stoner. He will be looking to cut the MotoGP 2011 cahmpionship lead that Stoner has at the minute. The battle this weekend will be between these two. i think that Simoncelli will carry on with his form and crash after doing well last time out. Or has he finally got rid of his demons? Will he finish the race and maybe get the podium that he deserves.

The Yamahas have become strong in the past two races with Spies winning at Assen and Lorenzo at Mugello. They have brought a few little bit of extra tech to help them out in the battle with Repsol Honda. The Ducati’s have not been on the pace even though Rossi has been running the GP11.1 bike (next years chassis with an 800cc engine in). Hayden has not been able to do this as he had already used too many of his engines for the season. The riders get a limit fo six engines for the season, averaging three races each. Rossi is on to his fifth engine of the season.

Another team that is doing well in the face of adversity is the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 team. Both of its riders had suffered collarbone breakages but getting back on the bikes the following race. Crutchlow will be wanting to get the issues of tyre pressures sorted for the race on Sunday. Edwards will be looking to bag himself some more points with his collarbone hopefully fully healed now.

The Repsol Honda riders of Stoner and Dovizioso will be looking to be near to the front of the pack come Sunday as they are most weekends. Pedrosa will be looking to get higher up the order than he did in Mugello now that he is back from his double collarbone break.

Simoncelli and Aoyama, will be racing hard for the Gresini Honda team as Simoncelli will be pushing for his first podium finish of the MotoGP 2011 season. Aoyama will be looking to improve as he finished down the order last time out at Mugello after starting well.

The Rizla Suzuki of Alvaro Bautista will be looking to maintain the pace that he started with at Mugello, although later fading down the running as the race went by due to issues with his tyres. Toni Elias has been given a few Motogp races to prove to his LCR Honda team that he is not just there to sit at the back of the field getting beaten by everyone. He has to improve or he will be out of the team and looking for a new job.