A Crash Course on Buying an Arai Helmet

Your search for cheap Arai motorcycle helmets may seem something akin to looking for needles in a haystack – and grant it, considering the quality of the material used to make them, as well as their expert craftsmanship, finding an inexpensive Aria may be hard, but it is not impossible. Established in 1926 by Japanese hat maker, Hirotake Arai, the tradition of this small company to make every helmet by hand has consistently placed both the company and its products at the top of every list from J.D. Power and Associates to MotoGP racers, Nicky Hayden and Dani Pedrosa.

Of course, saving money is always an important consideration, which pushes many riders to seek the somewhat elusive cheap Arai motorcycle helmets that we all know must be out there – somewhere. It is a worthy quest because safety starts with comfort and comfort is a quality that not all helmets possess. Every rider knows that the helmet must fit well in order to work effectively. Arai helmets are designed in three distinct “head shape” categories; Long Oval, Intermediate Oval and Round Oval. Starting with this basic array, the helmet designers at Arai can assure a perfect fit for the largest majority of riders in the world.

However, the question remains, what is a good price for quality? It is not unusual to see a price tag hanging from an Arai that reaches upward toward $1,000. However, some Internet research and a little patience will result in the reward of an Arai for less than half that price when some dealers put them on sale. Of course, you can find them even cheaper, because you are bound to come across one that is for sale by an individual. This may appear to be the solution for buying a classic motorcycle helmet for a great price, but be careful.

If the helmet has been dropped, especially if it has happened more than a few times, the shock absorbing material inside may have been compromised. It also may fail to provide adequate protection in the event of a motorcycle crash. Look at the helmet carefully, checking for even the smallest scratches that may indicate that it had slipped from someone’s hand or from the seat of a biker and landed on rock, concrete or some other hard surface. That close inspection when searching for cheap arai motorcycle helmets, could end up saving your life someday.