Be a Winner With Arai Racing Helmets

Motorcycle racing is a thrilling experience. Zooming on some fancy wheels and pulling stunts, taking a risk at every bend, it is enough to give one an adrenaline rush. Those who love this dangerous sport may appear to be made of steel but they step into it with the right precautions. Every serious motorcycle rider knows how risky it might be if they had an accident. Besides the bike, the safety accessory of utmost importance is the rider’s helmet.

Racing helmets are very different from helmets worn by city riders. They need to be much stronger and thicker, protecting the face and head of the rider at all times, in case of a crash. Every motorcycle race enthusiast needs to choose the best of equipment to keep him safe, so there’s no chance he would settle for a substandard helmet. This is why most racers go for the best – Arai racing helmets.

Arai helmets are dominant in both motorcycle and auto racing arenas. This small Japanese owned company has made it big among racing grids across the world. Arai is the world’s only major helmet manufacturer that has the capability and advanced technology, not only to compete in the worlds of both motorcycle and auto racing, but also to win. Arai motorcycle helmets aren’t just the preferred brand for these races; they dominate them with their extraordinary strength.

What sets Arai helmets apart is their undying spirit towards providing exceptional quality that is handmade, great after sale services and a five year warranty. Arai understands that the perfect fitting helmet is the safest as it can be used for longer periods, keeping the rider focused and alert at all times. Arai racing helmets are designed for different head shapes and produce outer shells in as many as five sizes.

One example of a great Arai motorcycle helmet is the RX-7 GP model that is designed using valuable inputs of MotoGP race winners. They have incorporated the revolutionary ‘air wing’ spoiler at the back of the helmet so the rider is comfortable in as many as five different positions. This helps cut down on turbulence, buffeting and drags, even with sudden braking. It can be adjusted using large buttons, even with gloves on. It also features a wider visor for better peripheral and angular vision.